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Kaya Artemis LIF2017 - Cyprus

LIF2017 - Language In Focus

Dear Colleagues,

You can find the updated version of the Conference Program here.

Shall you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us.

Best regards,

LIF2017 Organising Committee

Please click here for Conference Program.

We hope to see you at LIF2017 - Cyprus!

Multiple Perceptual Frames on ELT and SLA

LIF2017 Conference Theme

You are invited to take part in LIF2017 - 4th. Language in Focus Conference to be held in Cyprus,   the birthplace of Aphrodite.  Annual LIF conferences have already become an academic platform for exchanging exciting ideas, projects and scientific research results between aspiring academics, teachers, and well-known researchers. In harmony with this spirit of academic enthusiasm, LIF2017 Conference aims at providing a forum for participants from various disciplines and research communities to advance interconnections between Applied Linguistics and ELT and explore different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice.

As Pennycook states “Rather than trying to understand our practice according to some form of totalizing or universal discourse, we need to recognize the complexities of language teaching and its contexts, and strive to validate other, local forms of knowledge about language and teaching” (Pennycook, 1989, p.613). For this reason, LIF2017’s theme “Multiple Perceptual Frames on ELT and SLA”  aims at seeking opportunities to explore recent research in the fields of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics and create an ambience to discuss more about specialist areas such as teacher education, materials development, teaching English for academic purposes, management and evaluation in ELT, intercultural competence, data driven learning, corpus linguistics, translation’ Content and Language Integrated Learning in English and other Languages, literature in language teaching.

Pennycook, A. (1989), The Concept of Method, Interested Knowledge, and the Politics of Language Teaching. TESOL Quarterly, 23: 589–618


The aim of the conference, as in previous LIF conferences, is to provide a forum for researchers, teachers and educational representatives who are interested in the exploration and exchange of theory, research findings, experience and perspectives in language teaching, language learning and language skills development.

Centered around topics in applied linguistics and ELT, the conference will focus mainly on:

         •        ELT Methodology and classroom applications

         •        Foreign Language Teacher Education

         •        SLA / ELT focused theories and research (productive and receptive skills, linguistic and communicative competences, code-switching, classroom interaction analysis, assessment and evaluation, curriculum development)

         •        ICT in Language Teaching

         •        Psychological and psycholinguistic perspectives in SLA / ELT (attitudinal patterns, motivation, individual learner differences, learning strategies, learner autonomy)

         •        Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) + Content and Language Integrated Learning in German (CLILiG)

         •        Multilingualism / bilingualism

         •        Sociolinguistic theories and research (quantitative and qualitative approaches to the study of language, ethnographic and anthropological approaches to the study of language; language contact)

         •        Socio-cultural considerations (intercultural competence development, multiculturalism in theory and practice, ethnic/language minority classrooms)

         •        Corpus Linguistics and Learner Corpora

         •        Syntax and interfaces with morphology and semantics

         •        Lexical processing

         •        Phonological processing

         •        Cross-linguistic influences

         •        Discourse analysis

         •        Translation and interpreting

         •        Educational language policies

However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions within and across a variety of disciplines and fields related to Applied Linguistics and Teaching Foreign Languages. Proposals for original and previously unpublished papers (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions) or workshops (45 minutes) reporting on research related to the theme of the conference, or posters regarding the issues are welcome for presentation at the conference.

LIF2017 Conference Contact E-mail

Dear Parcitipants,

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Plenary Speakers

University of Minnesota, USA
University of Western Ontario, Canada
Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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